Well I am Sam. I am a deep yet torpid. My mind is a cloud of confusion never organized. I listen to pretty much hardcore style of all geners except for country. You won't understand me till you know me.

24th April 2014

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I’ve never reblogged anything twie. But this…. this I will make an exception 

16th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Have my babies


9th April 2014

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3rd April 2014

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I see it now. Cycles, repetitions, circles, polar coordinates, sequences and series. Thats all it is. A set of algorithims simply playing themself out. This disovery, ironically born from an oxymoron. How tey thought and described themselves as deep, but they were really just going in circles. There is no moving foward, ur stuck, u just don’t know it. You think ur moving foward, but ur really going in a circle, likea  person lost in a forest. Its all repitions, sequences that repeat themselves over and over again. Exponentionally or logarithmically. Nature, economics, statistics and probabilities. I would argue this is actually a characteristic of human nature, but then again, it all applies to everything around us. 

The more you learn about it, the more you will understand. The closer you look, the less you’ll see. For to understand, one must understand the full properties of a circle, its simple proportions, radius, circumfrence, its center. But if you look to closely, you will only see a piece of it, to see the true circle one must look away. Some circles are too big to see, sometimes we can’t move that far out, to see the bigger picture. 

And sometimes…. you can only see part of it. Is it a parabola? No its a circle, you know its a circle, its always a circle. But you just can’t see it all. Your only halfway there. And then… you realize its not really a circle at all, its a spiral. For your perception was distorted and twisted, your plane of view was in the wrong coordinates (cartesian), its really a spiral. So it looks different, must be something new right? No, a spiral may look new, you may think you’re making progress, but your still following the same algorithm, the same rules. Same dimentions, your spiral repeats itself. No matter how far out you see, it looks the same… and the truth is, because it is the same. We do not move foward, we only see the illusion of progression. 

27th March 2014

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15th March 2014

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Anonymous asked: I love you.

I love u too strange person

7th March 2014

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2nd March 2014

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27th February 2014


Anonymous asked: after 2 years do u ever get bored?

I’m not a person who gets bored. 

26th February 2014


Anonymous asked: how long have u been with ur gf?

Almost 2 years